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Managed 401Ks

I think we can all agree, 401Ks are a great way to save. But there are a few problems that many of us may encounter.

First, for the majority of employees there's the big question of how much should I be saving to retire on time? And the problem is their number won't be the same as yours or mine! Think about what you want to do in retirement. Travel? Spend time with grandkids? Pursue hobbies? Everyone will have different activities but one thing remains true, none of us want to go back to work after being in retirement.

Solution: Do you see the column on the left? We offer that to every single employee. No one gets left behind. Whether you're the CEO or an hourly employee you get the same exact service tailored to your personal objectives. You might be thinking as a business owner, well "I don't want to pay for that" and that's fine because you won't. As a business all you pay for is exactly what you pay for now, the annual plan administration.

Second problem, what should you be investing in? Typically you are handed a list of 3-25 funds and it's up to you to pick what you should be in.

Solution: As an unbiased financial advisor, we only have one loyalty: the clients. We open up the world to any bond available, 10,734 stocks and over 19,000 funds. We will build a portfolio customized to each and every employee.

Third problem, the majority of employees don't know how much of their portfolio should be allocated in stocks or bonds. This is a major concern because if your portfolio is out of balance and you have a recession hit, you could see your goals crumble in front of you and you could be working much longer than expected.

Solution: We keep an eye on all of our client's portfolios to make sure that as time goes on, we are staying current with the relationship between their goals and their investments. Not only that we meet yearly with our clients to make sure we are staying on track and our goals are current.

Services Offered:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Active Portfolio Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • College Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Next Generation Wealth Transfers

What is fee-only planning?

Fee-only planning is developing a plan for the major aspects of your financial life to meet your goals. Maybe it's a new sports car, paying off your mortgage, buying a new home, vacation home, saving for your children's education or the biggest one retirement! When you think about these goals you should be thinking:

  • How much should I be saving to meet these goals?
  • What should I be investing in?
  • How much will that cost?

Don't just "throw a dart at a board." Let us put you on a plan that will see these goals come to life.

At Brown Financial we are in a very unique spot as the majority of your local "big box" shops don't offer comprehensive financial planning. We build long lasting relationships by taking your goals and creating strategies to be sure that you're going to see your dreams happen. Because we don't offer proprietary  funds we open up the world to your investments and only choose the ones suitable for your current scenario. Think about this, you don't have the same goals as your neighbors, just like I don't have the same as my neighbors. Let's hand select investments to build a tailored plan.

We see proprietary funds as a large conflict of interest. We do not accept payments from any outside source and will never take a commission. We aren't your typical "old schooladvisor, we don't sell  any  insurances or investment products. We shouldn't be paid on what we sell you, we should be paid for the services we offer right? We sell advice, not services.

It is often hard to coordinate all of the major aspects of your life together into a cohesive plan. You don't need a fortune to start building wealth, the hardest step is simply calling us and scheduling a meeting!

You should never settle for average. You don't owe them anything, you're on the back burner, just another account. Take a step towards your financial freedom and get the service you deserve.