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A good retirement plan should encompass your wants, your needs, and your goals. Many people sit down with me, look directly at me, and ask how much money do I need for retirement? The answer? It's not quite that easy. My job is to find that number, and create a strategy for you to reach it. Being fee-only we offer unbiased advice, straight forward. We aren't paid by outside companies. We don't sell a brand of mutual funds. You'll never get an insurance product with us. Let's examine the steps needed to make a retirement plan;

1) Time Horizon- How long until you would like to retire? How about your spouse?

2) Spending Levels - We sit down and get to the basics - a budget. What will you do for health insurance? Where do you want to live? Would you like to travel? This information is then brought back to day 1 of retirement. How much of a nest egg will it take?

3) Rate of Return - What degree of risk are you comfortable with? This will directly affect the rate of asset growth. Again, this will be used to get a better idea of how we look day 1 of retirement

4) Strategy - Where does the money go? IRA? 401K? Brokerage account? Each choice has pros and cons, we will help you choose unbiasedly what the best choice is.

5) Monitor - This happens during our yearly meetings. Are we staying on track to reach the day 1 of retirement number? If not, should we save more or adjust our investments?

6) Retire!

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Retirement Planning